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Our company is best known for bringing spaces to life by attractive decorative lightning systems. Taking the advantage as the professional licensed team of interior designers in Thailand, every artwork of Thaikoncept is the combination of advanced tools, modern technologies the arts of arrangements.

By engaging all of those elements, we create the most exclusive features in our products to stand out and differentiate Thaikoncept from Competitors.


We always believe that simplicity is the greatest adornment of art. We therefore look carefully at the resources inspired by simple things in life and putting extra efforts in every step are necessary to create products that are elegant in their simplicity

Our mission is to bring decoration products that are not only valuable but also best suited to customer’s preferences and needs. Indeed, it is so difficult to reject an excellent product that best suited to you.

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Art lighting / Interior design

We differentiate Thaikoncept to other competitors by creating products that is best suited to our customers. We believe that listening to customer’s stories and understanding them thoroughly are compulsory steps to take for a “ perfect” product creation process. All our lightning system's designs will have different sketch drawings since they are inspired by different space's concept.

Art lighting / Interior design

Our masterpieces are made by the skillful hands of artisans from handicraft villages.

Take care of the product

All Thaikoncept’s products are different in terms of shape and meaning because we know what Customers want and why they choose us. Each one is designed to play the significant role as the heart that decides space’s aesthdetics. Therefore, our Team always offer appropriate products that made of care, proud, passion and understanding.

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We create products to each space a style

We are really insight our customers to express their style through the products